Lauren DiCioccio: Hand-Stitched Genius

Hey divas, so as most of you know I have no social life & from time to time I like to read my art & craft magazines. So flipping through my latest issue of FiberARTS summer/2011, I read up on DiCioccio’s work, which really does make you take a second glance at your surroundings I still can’t believe she created a stitched sculpture of a DeerPark water bottle. I mean painting something realistically is one thing, but stitching it into real-life is another;  my hat is off to you Lauren.  While looking further into DiCioccio’s work, I realized her work stems off into doing: newspapers, plastic bags, playing cards, letters, & money all hand-stitched; yes I said money. By creating these pieces that are slowly disappearing into the digital age & ‘go green’ movements Lauren has preserved our negative past for a positive future. To read more about Lauren DiCioccio & to look more at her work check out her website.

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